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A Responsive WordPress Website Or WordPress Design

Hello & Welcome. I’m Niloy Rudra, a Professional WordPress Expert & Web Developer. I don’t provide hosting or domain. Please provide WordPress friendly hosting before I start working or I will deliver completed work in zipped format. For Customer Made WordPress Design, Real Estate Websites with Multi-Language, E-commerce websites, please contact me for a quote.


  • You won’t be restricted to a static blog post type rather unlimited post types & custom events.
  • You’ll be able to store your own notes privately.
  • You will have the power to handle your co-workers’ roles in your website.
  • You’ll have a live search feature, Google map, subscriber management, highly secured database system.

Rush Delivery Available…


  • Sorry, I don’t create religion, alcohol, gambling, or adult related websites.
  • If I use a premium theme or plugin, you may need to purchase if you need support from the theme or plugin developer. My package doesn’t include licenses.

My Guarantee: With my Packages, your website will look as if you hire a top-class Web Design agency!

Note: if you are unsure about package selection, drop me a message to discuss your requirements and get a custom quote.


I am ready to purchase! What do I need to get started?

You’d need a domain name and a hosting account (if you don’t have these, I will assist you). I will also need your logo(optional), names & number of pages, a few sentences about your website or company, e-mail address to configure form, a few images from Google(I will try to arrange similar ones).

When can I see a mock up? I need to deliver this website to a client or meet a tight deadline and I am in a hurry!

If you are in a hurry, I strongly recommend you purchasing Rush Delivery. I’m not able to show a mockup unless the WordPress theme or design is actually created that. I can only deliver that on due date when I deliver the order. I am unable to show the website on a development server before.

Will I be able to edit my website easily? I don’t know programming…

Your website will be fully editable! You will be able to add text and images to all pages very easily with a click! You will be able to edit E-commerce Products, their images, descriptions & prices and add unlimited pages and posts too. No programming skills are required! 

Do you provide hosting or domain name registration?

No, I do not provide them. In order to have full control over the website, it’s highly recommended that you purchase these yourself in your name. I recommend purchasing a SHARED hosting plan with a Control Panel (& not OPTIMIZED WordPress) from Bluehost or HostGator.

Do you upload the website on my hosting to make it live?

Uploading the website to your hosting is not part of this gig. However, I will be happy to do this for you as a bonus if you provide your Hosting Control Panel URL, username, and password before I begin working. If these credentials are not provided, I will send you all work as a zipped file.

What do you mean by “WordPress Friendly” hosting?

Your hosting needs to fully support WordPress for me to be able to upload the latest version of WordPress, WordPress theme, and plugins. Your hosting should have the latest version of PHP and all permissions that allow installation of the latest WordPress themes and plugins.

What if my hosting is not “WordPress Friendly” or if I do not provide Control Panel access?

If your hosting doesn’t meet the required standards or if I don’t have Control Panel access, I’ll not be able to upload your site for you. In that case, I’ll provide you with a zipped backup of all of your website files and the database. You’ll need some PHP/MySQL knowledge to upload yourself.

When will you deliver my order? I see that you have several orders in queue!

Expected delivery time will depend on the package you order, not on the number of orders in queue. For example, if you order my Basic Package with 10 day delivery time, I will hopefully complete within 10 days.

What if there is an error or a feature that I requested is missing? Will you make revisions?

In case there is an issue, please contact me within 10 days of delivery of website and I will try to resolve ASAP. I can’t accept responsibility if contacted with any issues after weeks, months or years!! Please note that I will make revisions free of cost if contacted within 10 days of delivery.

What happens if I lose my website due to an incomplete hosting or due to deletion of an area of website by mistake?

I can’t accept responsibility if, after delivery of website, any changes are made to theme or plugin files that cause the website to malfunction. I don’t keep website backups after delivery of website unless it is requested by the client before the completion of a project.

This Q&A section is based on the service I provide at Fiverr.


What can I help you with?

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